Terms of Services

You must carefully read the terms of services and that will an agreement among you and us. As the android applications that are developed are owned by the COMPTECH Technology.

 The conditions are applied by using the COMPTECH android applications and other services. The terms form is the legal binding agreement among you and us. So we all should keep care of these terms and services that are being provided. The term (Terms and Service) is not just a word but it has widget background of interesting privacy policy that we all must follow that.


 Accepting the terms of privacy policy: 

By accepting or using our service it is confirmed that you and we are binding contract with the company. You are consciously agree to accept and follow to comply with them

Account Registration: 

By following the terms and registration you are willing to use our android products and services. If you are under the age of 15 then you won’t be able to use our applications and services.

 Because the apps that we are developing are all about the daily life productive usages. 

Reasonable use of our applications and services:

We expect form our users that they will use our services at the reasonable and normal usages. The user must not exceeds the limits of the normal and reasonable usages. If any user found while violating the terms of conditions then the corresponding action would be taken against her/him.

User Rights Content: 

The content on the COMPTECH Technology is for the sake of general use of daily life. The company provides the android products that will give benefit you. We respect you and we also measures your Intellectual Property Rights. 

Contact Us:

So if you have any query about the corresponding Terms and services. You can easily contact at support@comptech.com.pk